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What Is SR22 Insurance?

Learn how an SR22 policy can get you back on the road

To put it in the simplest terms, SR22 insurance is a Certificate of Financial Responsibility (CFR) that’s required by some states after a person has committed a punishable offense. The requirements, fees and details vary from state-to-state but, basically, the concept of SR22 insurance remains the same.

What’s So Special About an SR22 Insurance Policy?

When an SR22 policy is purchased, the issuing party (i.e. your insurance company) is bound by a special protocol with the state the policy is purchased. The protocol mandates that if the insured has a lapse in coverage, the insurance company will promptly notify the state. A lapse of SR22 coverage would occur if the insured forgets to make a payment on their insurance premium or if the issuing company cancels the policy for some reason.

Know the Facts and Save Money

Now that you have an idea of what SR22 insurance is, you need to know that not all SR22 insurance policies are created equal.

Since an SR22 policy is simply a CFR, most insurance companies will provide SR22 coverage for drivers who have an existing insurance policy with their company. After all, they already insure the driver so it’s simply an add-on, of sorts. However, drivers should think twice before adding SR22 coverage to an existing policy.

If you’re seeking SR22 insurance, you’ve most likely committed an offense that insurance companies relate to increased risk. It’s this increased risk factor that would most likely lead the insurance company to raise the rates on your existing insurance policy. For those drivers who have multiple policies with the same insurance company (e.g. home, auto, fire, etc.), it could really add up to a significant increase in their insurance rates.

The SR22-Only Policy for Much Less

One way to minimize the risk of increased rates is to purchase an SR22-only policy through a separate insurance carrier. A ‘non-owner SR22 policy’ is one such policy. It provides you with 100%-legal SR22 coverage at a fraction of the cost. Plus, since the SR22 policy is through a different company, you may save yourself from an almost-guaranteed rate increase with your current insurance company.

A non-owner SR22 policy is not for everyone but it does ‘fit the bill’ for most drivers. You’ll need to keep your current insurance policy up-to-date because, as the name implies, a non-owner policy does not protect you or your vehicle in the event of an accident. It carries a minimum of coverage – less than that required by a full-on insurance policy – but provides you with an SR22 policy that’s totally legal. The SR22 coverage offered by the non-owner policy is secondary to coverage offered by your current auto insurance policy.

More Information About Non-Owner SR22 Insurance

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